January 8, 2015

(day 12)

Today has been very interesting day.  It’s amazing how some days have “themes” to them… it’s like the universe has conspired to tell you something.   I had this amazing conversation with a “holistic, systems” thinker who challenged my way of thinking.  He offered a new context for me to live from.. one that allows for expansive and focused thinking to coexist.  I have a tendency or habit to  listen in conversations for problems so that I can “figure it out” and offer an answer or solution.  While this can be helpful, it has the potential to shut down further discussion or exploration impacting both myself and the other person.curiosity-quotes-images-5-cd7d458c

Then later in the day, I had another conversation about “being present” and how judging and assessing impinges on one’s ability to be present.  I saw how I judge and assess in order to “figure things” out and how that keeps me from being fully present.

And yet another conversation pointed out how much information I include in these blog posts obscuring the opportunity for the reader to reflect and think about ideas I’m presenting.  In effect, keeping the reader and me from being present and curious to a thought or idea.

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.   e.e. cummings

So my learning for today and in honor of my declaration of discovery, discipline and growth  is to stay open, to stay in curiosity and to not rush to answers or conclusions.