January 1, 2015

(day 5)

New Year’s Day…  a new beginning, a fresh start, a blank slate!  Exciting and daunting all at once.  Notice as you consider  what you want this year to look like and who you’re going to be, doubt begins to arise.  Thoughts like:

  • Really, can I do that?
  • I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work!
  •  I’m not good enough!
  • What if I fail?

And as these thoughts swirl, our energy and commitment starts to diminish.

Consider that these thoughts are normal, predictable, part of the human condition.  It’s  these thoughts that help us survive by not taking on something that could cause us harm.  We forget that whenever we take on something new, we are faced with doubt and fear.  And then we believe that .. “oh, that’s a sign that I shouldn’t do this”!  And we give up.

FindYourPurposeSunsetOne1Perhaps, what we really forget is the “why”.  For the sake of what am I considering this new behavior or activity?  Ask yourself  the question, “What is most important to me or what difference do I want to make?”.  And then use your answer, as a filter to evaluate the new commitment or activity.  How will this new commitment support you in fulfilling on the outcome you want to create?

As I challenge myself in this activity of writing a daily post, I am reminded of my purpose.  My purpose is to help others discover who they are, their purpose so that they can live their lives with joy and satisfaction.

I know that I experience my deepest joy and satisfaction, when I help others to see new possibilities, make new connections and create fulfilling futures.  And it’s this knowledge that helps me to keep my commitment.

I’m inspired by my Purpose!