So we’re half through January and the reality of keeping those New Year’s resolutions has settled in.  Perhaps you’re truly committed and honoring your promise.  Or perhaps, you started with a “bang” and have now reverted back to your habitual ways.  In class, the other night we discussed the phenomenon of “homeostasis”, how the mind and body will set off alarms when we attempt to do something differently.  It’s an alert to say “there’s something different here, and because it’s different it feels uncomfortable”.   To keep those resolutions, we need to get passed that discomfort, that feeling that there is something wrong.

This year, I want to explore what has one commit to something with the mindset “it ain’t optional”.  I welcome your thoughts and stories about times you took on something new and different, you experienced that initial discomfort and for you it simply wasn’t optional to not stay on the path.