Intuition… how does intuition serve you when you’ve committed to some action or person.  Do we pay attention to what our “gut” is suggesting?  What happens when we do and what happens when we don’t.  Recently I purchased a “coaching game” called Points of You that I learned about through an email.   I, like you receive countless emails promoting some product, book, service.   I, like you ignore most of them.  This email for some reason caught my attention.  However, I didn’t do anything about it – literally… I didn’t delete it or act upon it.  Several weeks later, I received another email- different source referencing this coaching game.  My Intuition told me to make the investment.  And so I did and it was a wise choice!!!

This game is amazing — extremely thought provoking and fascinating.  I shared it with some friends the other evening and we had the most amazing conversation.  One person was struggling with how to provide feedback to her boss.  Out of our discussion, she saw that she could approach that conversation from a place of curiosity with her boss… “What was her boss trying to create – what was her vision of the future and how did she view her role as leader”.  Approaching the conversation from this place provided a lot of freedom and ease, and took away a lot of the anxiety!!  Interesting, one of the cards chosen in the game was “Freedom”.  That was the fascinating part!!!

So what is your intuition telling you?   What are you acting upon?  And what are you avoiding?  What’s preventing you from acting upon your intuition?  And from the game’s perspective, what does the word “intuition” suggest to you?  When you reflect upon that word, what is the emotion you experience?  And where do you experience that emotion in your body?  If you acted upon your intuition, what would that make available to you?  Questions to ponder…. I’d love to hear from you!!!