Amazing … we’re already into the second month of the year.  So how are you doing with your 2010 resolutions?  And the real question is who are you being about your resolution?  A foundation of the work that I do focuses on “who are you being”  – which constitutes the amalgamation of your thoughts, body and emotion.  When you reflect on what you set out to accomplish this year… what thoughts come up for you?   What emotion are you experiencing and how do you experience it in your body?  Often when we’re stuck, we’re coming from a place of resignation … like what the heck, it doesn’t matter, it’ll never work out, it’s hopeless.  And from this place, we’re doomed.  

So if you find yourself here, stand up… take a deep breath  and look up throwing your arms out wide and reflect on what is working in your life.  Bring that sense of peace, gratitude and acceptance to whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.   And make a promise .. a small one… something that is “bite-size”.  Call a friend and share your promise and ask for support.  Sometimes all we need to get us moving forward is a gentle nudge.. a reminder.

Thank you Cynthia!!!