It occurred to me while watching the Olympics that one’s competency is not just dependent on one’s skill level.  The difference between the athlete who medals and one that doesn’t is in their passion and love of the sport.  That passion takes the individual to the next level, a level attainable by few as it demands letting go of the fear of failure.

An effective leader not only helps one develop their skill, but he/she also helps that individual connect with their passion.  Listening for the individual’s passion is a Leadership Skill.  It requires paying attention and focusing on what the individual does naturally well and building on those strengths.   It also requires noticing who’s fully engaged and who’s not and listening for what’s missing.  Perhaps, it’s a conversation around purpose – why the team/organization does what it does, why it exists.   Connecting the team to purpose can help individuals  connect their personal passion to the organizations and when that occurs magic happens.