January 3, 2015

(day 7)

We’re still in the glow of the “new year”… feeling hopeful and capable.  Many of us are creating vision boards, goals, and new habits to start off the year.   And hopefully we will be successful in keeping our commitments.  One of the factors that can contribute to our success is making sure that we are very clear about what’s important to us… our values.

stones-values-1In defining  your values, you’re declaring how you want to consciously respond to life’s events.  In any given moment, we always have a choice – to respond either from a physical/emotional reaction or our commitments.  Our values provide guidelines as to how we want to live our lives.   Values also helps us to define who we are and who we want to be known.

As you reflect on your values,  take the time to define what behaviors or actions exemplify those values.  For example, if one of your values is generosity.  The question you want to ask yourself is “what does generosity look like?”  “What would an impartial observer notice if I was being generous?”.   In defining the behaviors/actions, you’re providing yourself a tool to use when you’re triggered.   In that reactive moment, you can choose… what action do I take that would be consistent with who I say I am.

Also in clarifying your values, you’re strengthening the muscles you need to sustain your promises and commitments.  So who do you want to be?  How do you want to be known?