January 4, 2015

(Day 8)

Where you stumble, there your treasure lies.
Joseph Campbell

Interesting quote… it suggests that when we stumble, there’s something available for us to learn or see.   Yet, most of us live in the illusion or expectation that we’re not suppose to stumble.  And when we do stumble, there’s something wrong – with ourselves, with others or the situation.  In other words, when we don’t succeed there is something wrong!

What if we could redefine “success”?  What if success was in fact not achieving our goal or not winning? What if success was stumbling?  Can you imagine what could be created if people set their goals by asking themselves the question, “What would make me stumble?”

odd lightbulb among manyMost innovation or breakthroughs didn’t come from planned experiments.  Most breakthroughs came from unpredicted discoveries.  Literally, anesthesia was discovered when a man was observed being totally unaware of a gash on his leg while under the influence of laughing gas.  Noticing this effect, a scientist experimented with a similar compound during a tooth extraction and enjoyed a painless procedure.   When we stumble, we have the opportunity to see a situation through a new lens or from a different perspective.

So as we think about our challenges or outcomes that didn’t go as expected, is there an opportunity to see something new.