December 30, 2014

(Day 3)

So this exercise (no pun intended) is very interesting.  Walking the dog early this morning, I was deep in thought about keeping this practice of writing everyday viable.  I was struck by my desire to do so and flood of ideas that ensued.   I was also reminded by the power of “I don’t wanna” and it’s antidote “It ain’t optional”.

And then it hit me, why I’m so motivated to stick with this practice.  My cousin, who’s facing a year of cancer treatments certainly didn’t ask for that.  Yet she’s taking it on with grace, humility and as she noted yesterday a bit of compassion.  I’m not faced with creating ways of dealing with the challenges and difficulties of a year of treatment, I’m confronting my own challenges of habit and overcoming feelings of self-doubt, “not good enough” and “it doesn’t matter”.

And I also know that the most effective way to overcome  these challenges and perhaps even those challenges we didn’t ask for, is to create a sense of purpose and “why”.  Why is this important?  At the end of the day, how will this action contribute to the difference I want to make?  How does this action honor and leverage my unique gifts and talents?  Great questions for me to ponder and  to help me keep my promise.pondering__or_not_by_mandibulo-d4h389h

I also know that having a strong sense of purpose will help me to overcome those moments of “I don’t wanna”.  Purpose provides the strength and fortitude to stay on the path.  So today, I will reflect on the purpose of this journey.. what it will make available to me and more importantly to others.

How can this promise help me to fulfill on my purpose of helping people to see new ways of engaging in life, work and community that leaves them feeling whole, complete and empowered.