About a year ago, I discovered a great book.. “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.  In his book, Simon says (no joke) that most of us are very clear about what and how we do what we do, but what’s missing is “why we do what we do”.  Without knowing the “why” – we often give up on our dreams.  We don’t follow through on our commitments or stay true to our word.   More importantly, without our “why”, life feels a bit dull, and we’re often left with the question “is this it?”.   When we don’t know what is missing, we turn to activities that dull the pain of dissatisfaction.

When we connect with our “why”, when we’re clear about who we are and to some extent “our purpose”, we’re energized and engaged.  We experience life as joyful and feel a deep sense of satisfaction.  So you ask, how do you find your “why”.  It’s actually rather simple, look for what lights you up?  What do people appreciate about you?  What’s your unique contribution, something others depend on you to provide?

You might ask, what’s my “why”.. my “why” is….

To help people create new possibilities – discover new ways of being and acting in life that generates  joy and deep satisfaction.

This is what gets me up in the morning.  When I’m fulfilling on this purpose, I am totally present!!!  What a delicious feeling!!!