There is a quote.. “I won’t see it until I believe it” … what do you believe to be true that might be hiding what’s right in front of you?

Do you have a relationship with a spouse, family member, co-worker, boss .. that is seemingly stuck or a situation where you can see no possibility.

Change your view, and what emerges.  Consider that all that stands in the way of what we want and what we have is our view.

If I “believe” that a person  IS a particular way, than my relationship with that person is limited by that view.  The actions I take will be shaped by what I believe to be possible.  And that person will respond in way that is perfectly correlated with the action I took.  And the dance goes on and on!!

For a moment, look through the eyes of the other person… what do you see?

How would he/she describe you ….

Caring? Compassionate? Generous?  or

Judgmental?  Narrow?  Unforgiving?

Take it one step further – if what he/she sees is narrow and unforgiving… how do you suppose they might interact with you?

Interesting question and thoughts to ponder.