January 17, 2015

(day 21)

Today marks the 21st day of my experiment of writing a daily blog post.   I can say that it’s not quite a habit, but it is “top of mind”.  Interestingly what arises when I think that I won’t honor my promise is guilt.  Could be my Jewish upbringing!!  Or perhaps, it’s a sense of disappointment with myself.  The feeling does propel me to reconsider and except for two days over this 21-day period, I wrote a post.

I can also report that my “excuses” are different.  At first it was simply, “I don’t wanna” or “I don’t feel like it”.  Those excuses feel to self-indulgent and don’t work anymore.  Today’s excuses are more around my ability….. “I’m too tired” or “I have nothing to say”.  Interestingly my response to these thoughts is “get over it and sit down and write!”. And I do.

While I haven’t quite found my voice, I do feel like it’s emerging and I do believe that this experiment will yield something important for me.  That’s enough to keep me in the game.  I also know the importance of staying on the path, persevering in the face of disappointment and lack of success.

I also believe that what will make a difference for me is when I can see that my posts have value; that they provide insights to others that allow them to see the world in a new and more empowering way.   That’s my purpose and I know when I’m living from that context, all is well.

Thank you for being out there and allowing me to share my ideas and perspectives that hopefully inspire you in some new way.