February 12, 2015

(day  31)

At this moment I’m at the beach spending time with my Dad, sister and husband and enjoying the beauty and magnificence of my surroundings.  I’ve also had time to reflect on what’s next for me and the contribution I want to be.

And as I think about who I am and what I want to bring forth… I’m struck by my passion for helping people to discover their purpose.   One might ask what does this have to do with Courage?  I believe that a  critical aspect of discovering and manifesting one’s purpose is to have courage.  Courage to engage in the discovery process and more importantly courage to pursue what you discovered.

Like all explorations, there is the thrill of the adventure, the anticipation of what you may find and sometimes a gnawing impatience to get to the end.  And like many adventures in life, there is the “shadow side”.  Discovering one’s purpose is not for the “faint of heart”.   Acting upon your discovery demands a willingness to take action that may threaten your “identity”.   You might have to give up some of your strategies for success and the comfort of knowing how to “win” while recognizing that the the pursuit of  your Purpose provides an opportunity to learn and grow in an area that makes a difference.  That said, you must be willing to make mistakes, venture into the unknown, and risk “looking good”.

What must be remembered is how we feel when we’re engaged in fulfilling our purpose.  There is an energy, excitement,  a feeling of wholeness.  When we’re engaged in serving our Purpose, life makes sense.  We lose the constant chatter of self-assessment.  Time flies by and we experience a sense of calm and well-being.   Moreover, when we’re engaged in serving our Purpose, we tend to be more generous, more accepting, and less critical of others and circumstances.  Imagine a world where everyone was engaged in activities that fed their soul.  As I imagine that possibility, I marvel in the magnificence of humanity!