February 23, 2015

(Day 54)

As you may recall, I started this writing project as a vehicle to share my ideas and hopefully inspire others to consider new options and possibilities.  I also noted that I wanted to track what it takes to create a “new habit” – one that is worthwhile and important, yet challenging to sustain. Well, I’m experiencing the challenges of starting that new habit.  You may have noticed a long absence… I could make up all sorts of excuses – life, travel, busyness, fatigue and the truth is I simply didn’t keep my promise.   And truth be told, my promise may have been a bit ambitious.  I violated one of my key principles in starting a new practice – take baby steps!  Taking baby steps allows one to start the practice with a likelihood of success.  You don’t start training for a marathon by running 15 miles.. You start off running 1-2 miles.

So I’m renegotiating my promise… rather than writing every day, I commit to writing 3 blog posts per week starting this week.

I love this journey!