January 2, 2015

(day 6)

Why is it so difficult to authentically share our thoughts, feelings or experiences?  For some, it’s not that challenging and for others it’s near impossible.   For those of us who find it difficult (myself included) it’s the ultimate form of making ones self vulnerable –  allowing others to see into one’s darkest spaces.   Perhaps it’s a survival response – not allowing others to see one’s weaknesses.   Or perhaps it’s that strong urge to “look good” – strong and resilient.    Whatever the reason,  the barrier to exposing one’s weaknesses or vulnerabilities is strong and sometimes even impenetrable.  sharing a quiet moment

Yet when we do share our feelings,  we experience both a sense of relief and wholeness.  We’ve released the grip of fear and allowed ourself to connect.  And in that connection we experience wholeness, a sense of belonging and a sense of our own humanity.

We also create the space for others to share their feelings – their fears, their disappointments, their dashed expectations. And in doing so,  a sense of peace and acceptance emerges.  What a gift!  And how powerful!

So today, as we start this year anew.. be open and accepting of both yourself and others.