January 6, 2015

(Day 9-10)

Yesterday I didn’t write a post… I thought about it.  I told myself I would do it later.  I even disappointment.1considered writing it after dinner and quickly dashed that idea. And then I gave up.   I was disappointed in myself.   I thought I had failed, I was unable to keep my promise and sustain the momentum I had created.  I went to bed thinking I must find a way to restart this commitment.

And sometime early this morning, I  realized that I was still struggling with why I had taken on this commitment.  Where was I going with it?  What was my purpose in keeping my promise of writing a daily blog?  And then it hit me, I saw that my promise had three parts:

  • To track the creation of a habit – the ups and downs, challenges and the triumphs
  • To share insights about living a life of purpose with joy and satisfaction
  • To distinguish Leadership that makes a difference

And, as I write this, I realize that I’m living my possibility..the possibility of

 “Passion, Joy and Freedom… Leadership that makes a difference…a world in love!”

Reignited by the clarity of purpose, I began exploring what was missing that I didn’t honor my promise?    What could I learn from my inaction?  And what could I put in place to support me?

As simple as it sounds, I realized that  I needed a plan of what I was going to write about and a list of “ideas” to spark inspiration.   Somehow I thought, that I could simply wait for an idea to materialize.  It’s like going to the gym without any idea as to what you’re going to do and wondering why you quit!

So I’ve started a list and I’m working on developing themes that will create the structure I need to keep going.

I also learned the importance of purpose and being clear about your “why”.  As I declared above, I’m engaging in this activity to share insights about what it takes to create a habit; living a life of purpose and what’s available to us when we lead with the intent to make a difference.

So in the quiet hours of early morning my questions were answered.  I’m inspired to continue!!!